Employment/Job Opportunities (Your name will appear on our website for qualified instructors)

A. BudoYoga is an exercise routine that requires quite a bit of skill. There are things you have to master in order to

become an instructure of BudoYoga and use its name in order to make income:

Skillset of a BudoYoga Instructor

1. You must be in shape - (sorry, no pot bellies)

2. Walk gracefully

3. spinning continuosly 4 revolutions 1 foot

4. Flat front split

5. Pushup position 2 finger pose(index and middle)

6. 10 BudoYoga pushup (proves balance - 10 fingertip pushup, clap, 10 fingertip pushup clap ...) (this harder than you think)

7. Learn and understand BudoYoga's routines ( *** THERE IS SO MUCH UNTRUTH ABOUT HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE BODY



B. Employment comes in the form of teaching group and private lessons.

1.There are pepople all over the world who want to get in shape but don't know how.

1b. People will pay an instructor hourly rates to learn and be trained.

2b. You have to decide how much your training is worth but BudoYoga is a special skill and you should

be paid well to teach it.

3b. That means charge at minimum $60.00 an hour for your knowledge. It is not much considering what you teach

is permanent and last a life time and can be passed on to the family and your future generations.

4b. Remember some people don't know what it is like to be in shape or to be 50 years old and feel 20 years old.

Lets say a person spends $15,000.00 learning BudoYoga.(Wheather they spend this amount in a few months or

over a lifetime, that is up to them) That is about half the price of a new small car

which will be old and slowly falling a part in a few years. A BudoYoga master, beside some inherited negative

genes or extreme bad habits can be like the new powerful supercharged "CORVET" or the classy older Mustang racer-

engines roaring and ready to go. It cost money to be like this but it is worth it.

C. The skills in BudoYoga are extreme and you can vary your teaching expertise in teaching dance skills, conditioning skills or Martial Arts skills.

1. Once you have the skill you need to get clients.

1c. Dance halls, people need you, they really do. Nothing stands out more than a beautiful woman, dressed well and clumpsy as h...

But a beautiful dress and a dance walk that is gracefull - ah, a pleasure to the eyes.

And for you men there is nothing more attractive to a women then a nice suit and a well fit smoth dancer.

The Budoyoga instructor can give them this proud look.

2c. Organizations that teach health.

3c. Businesses and Companies where most of the engineers, scientist, lawyers, doctors etc. spend almost no time taking care of themselves.

It is not uncommon to see most of these people sick and dying young. (They need you desperately the biggest problem is they don't know it

until too late.

D. Mental Strength.

1d. Exercise is more than you believe a great strengthener of the mind. Just hitting and kicking the heavy bag is one of the most

stimulating activities.

2d. Depression, anxieties, loneliness, anger all lessen to a degree when exercising especially when you are trying to accomplish

some skill set. And when you do world watch out.

3d. Yet simply kicking and punching something (ie. heavy bag) is sometimes the exact medication that you need to take. 4d. People need to know this and try it and it will be your job to teach them - THERE ARE BETTER WAYS AND THIS IS ONE OF THEM - BudoYoga.