In BudoYoga the spin is very important. Martial Artist do a lot of spinning kicks. But, basic spinning is not taught. Spinning kicks are the main stapple for a stright fighter. Especially when attacked by more than one person. The spinnin hook and heel kick really works.

You hear a lot of Martial Artist speak against the spinning kicks or high kicks. But, I've used them, my brother, my instructure - Eric Evans(a true street fighter) swears by them.

We always say "when it looks tough we can always rely on the spinning hook and heal". It puts fear into your attacker. Suddenly he is aware that he's fighting a trained Martial Artist.

The jumping spinning hook and heel kick is the crowd clearer. Everyone, your attacker, spectators, the guy with his kids and wife eating ice cream run for cover.

This technique can be used by anyone regardless of size, male, female, little kid. Its the all purpose ass kicker, the illusion from heaven, the fat lady singing, the bell towler, the overtime Derick Fisher three pointer.

Once while walking on Hollywood Blvd I saw a fight break out. This blond hair kid, about 20 years old, 5 feet 10, and about 180 pounds dressed in black jeans, white t-shirt and black boots in a crowd had jumped into the air spinning with his left leg stectched out and hooking as he flew though air. The crowd dispersed, people were tripping over one another to get out of the way, a couple were plastered against one of the big outside widow showcases, squiched with arms up over there faces, and there mouths opened like they were fighting to take in their last breath of air in horror.

His attacker took off running, as I looked and thought, jeez - what the .... I remember him landing on the ground, perfect balanced, legs spread, bent. Ams wide as if about to grab something or someone and the look of fire in his eyes.

He connected with no one, he missed. But people were literally picking themselves up from off the ground after that one kick. It was amazing to see.

The spinning hook and heel or any kick especially with boots on or hard dress shoes can be lethal. This is why in MMA it is illegal to kick if you are wearing shoes. This rule was in place even when MMA first started.

You can't wear hard shoes in prison either. They are considered a deadly weapon. But, we can wear them to the store, camping, the show, dinner, 7 eleven at night. A heck of a tool for a street fighter.

But you must learn to spin properly if you want your spinning kicks to be as effective as that blond hair kid on Hollywood Blvd.

In BudoYoga we don't teach fighting but we do teach spinning.

So here it is SPINNING: