Budoyoga incorporates beautiful aerobic movement with strength building isometric exercise --- Dear Mark, I played golf with you about a month ago and said that I would email you a comment about exercise and depression. I apologize for not reporting back sooner. My experience as a clinical psychologist(Charles G. O'Malley Ph.D.) for almost 30 years has provided a consistent observation that depressed people who have the habit of regular aerobic exercise every other day have lower functional impairments from the condition. In fact, studies over the past five years have shown that regular aerobic exercise provides about the same benefit as antidepressant medication. I strongly encourage all depressed clients to develop this habit but unfortunately, it is difficult to get this discipline started for those that have been inactive as way of life. Maybe I'll see you on the course some time again. I was impressed by your unusual vitality. Sincerely, Jerry O'Malley(Charles is my formal name).
BUDOYOGA the new discovery, state of the art exercise

BUDOYOGA makes the body strong.

This site is dedicated to my brother ERIC who taught me to fight using OKINAWAN KARATE and street fighting for over 30 years

Eric's teachers were Iha, Kena and Taba(Shogen ryu), and Jerry Smith((BKF) BLACK KARATE FEDERATION)

My dad George, of course, was our insperation, as he learned from uncle John Winston to stay in top physical condition

To work the back in BudoYoga we do pushup in a rowing fashion, back and forth. EVERTHING IS ANGLES. This is how we put tension on different muscles. Calves, we do ZENKUTSU LUNGES at an angle which stress the calves. That is all weight machines or devices like the bench press are. Pulling, pushing at different angles. But in BudoYoga you don't need a gym or very big space. I add weight by using a pack on my back if I really want to get strong. REMEMBER getting big is done with food.

We have simply taken the stances in the Martial Arts and used them for exercise under the banner of BudoYoga. BudoYoga is the body conditioner.

Stated plainly, the fundamentals of the documented Martials Arts began with Yoga and we do not need to incorporate other Yogas. The Yoga in the Martial Arts main purpose is to strengthen the body for combat. This is no spiritual quest, our aim is to get fit and strong.

BuddoYoga is an exercise program that makes the body fit and incredibly strong. It is a collection of the poses and/or stances in the existing Martial Arts world. It is purely exercise to make the body stronger and more flexible, and a method to facilitate the calming of the spirit. It has no ties and is not any of part of any of the currently existing Yogas in the world today. It's name is such that it only gives reference back to the early DOCUMENTED martial arts. The postures and stances in BudoYoga are taken from the Okinawan martial arts and 1960's arts in Los Angeles as we perceived them and used them to develop our bodies and make us true street fighters. Without a strong body you can absolutely defeat no one.

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